Orange Wine – The mysterious orange colour

What is Orange Wine?

Let’s start by clarifying that no “orange wine” is made from a new variety of orange-colored grapes, just as green wine does not have a green color. Orange wines are made from white wine grapes, but vinified as red wines. This method results in an orange coloration, as the grapes are fermented in contact with their skins and yeast for a few days to a few months. This allows the wine to develop tannins, polyphenols, aromatic substances and proteins that make the final wine completely different from white and red wines from a visual, olfactory and even body point of view.

Origins of Orange Wine

It’s easy to think of orange wine as a fad, but these wines have their roots in ancient techniques. As origins go back thousands of years in the region of present-day Georgia., In this area, wines were fermented inside large clay amphorae used to age wines. In fact, these terracotta containers are still used today by some winemakers. Despite having its origins in Georgia, an Orange Wine culture and tradition has dissipated throughout the world over the years. Currently, its production technique is used by several wineries, as well as by Casa Agrícola Portugal in our winery in the  Tejo region.


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